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Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

3 reasons you need an attorney to file bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Bankruptcy

It may be tempting to file for bankruptcy without consulting an attorney. After all, you are in financial trouble, so even paying for a lawyer’s services may seem impossible. However, there are many benefits to hiring an attorney that make it more than worth it in the end. 

The U.S. courts highly recommend that you use an attorney when filing a bankruptcy case even though the law permits you to do it on your own. This is due to the complex nature of the process and the rules that say once you file, there is a waiting period before you can file again. 

  1. Provide insight into laws

An attorney can explain the bankruptcy laws to you. Clerks and other court workers cannot provide you with legal information. They cannot answer questions about or otherwise clarify the legal aspects of bankruptcy. You have to figure the law out of your own if you do not have an attorney. 

Furthermore, bankruptcy law is complex. There are many rules you must follow when filing. If you make a mistake, it could lead to the court dismissing your case. You may be unable to refile your case due to the waiting period rules. 

  1. Offer advice

Again, nobody can give you advice on your case or help you figure out what to do besides an attorney. You may have questions come up about the impact of your bankruptcy on certain things, such as taxes or the ability to keep your vehicle. When these questions come up, it is helpful to have an attorney who can answer them and advise you on what to do. 

  1. Assist you with paperwork

There is an extensive amount of paperwork involved in filing bankruptcy. If you do not provide the correct documents and other items, the court may dismiss your case without hearing it. An attorney can ensure you have all the forms and fill them out for you so they meet the court requirements. 

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