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Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

Don’t let debt collectors take your unemployment benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Bankruptcy

Life isn’t easy for many Hoosiers right now. Over the last few months, countless people in Indiana have had to file for state and federal unemployment benefits. And for many, that source of income is the only thing keeping them above water.

Unfortunately, those who have past-due debts may be dealing with debt collectors who contact them around the clock. In some cases, collectors may take their efforts to the next level and get a court-ordered garnishment to seize Hoosiers’ money. If Hoosiers are getting their unemployment payments sought by greedy collectors, they need to understand their rights.

Unemployment benefits are mostly exempt from collection

Federal unemployment and other government programs can receive protection from wage garnishment. If this is happening to you, an attorney can go with you to court to request a stop to wage garnishments.

To be successful in these endeavors, you must show proof that the payments you’re receiving from your bank account are from a government entity. Whether those payments come in digital or electronic deposits, both should provide substantial evidence for your case.

Certain garnishments are non-exempt

While many types of debts allow for garnishment protection, others do not. For instance, if your wages are getting garnished due to the following, you likely can’t stop them:

  • Student loan debt
  • Delinquent federal tax debt
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Child support

When you’re struggling, the last thing you need is greedy debt collectors coming after what may be the only source of income you have. A trusted legal partner can make sure you understand your rights and keep the money you need for survival.


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