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Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

Felony charges stem from man’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For many of those people in Indianapolis who are struggling with debt, bankruptcy protection brings welcomed relief from the collection efforts that were driving them further and further into a financial hole. In their cases, bankruptcy marks the only legitimate chance they may have to re-establish themselves financially. Some may think that they are simply looking for a way to get out of having to pay their bills, yet those who do lack an understanding of what bankruptcy protection is designed for. It is not meant to give people who purposely look to shirk their financial responsibilities an easy way out. 

The recent arrest of a Colorado businessman serves to illustrate this point. The man filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in December. However, his actions immediately prior to filing caused some to question his motives. Multiple clients and suppliers for his custom home building business say that he took money and services from them knowing that he was going to file for bankruptcy and that we would attempt to include these debts in his case. It is also alleged that during his initial bankruptcy hearing, he attempted to influence a public servant, an action that also brings with it criminal charges. He now faces multiple felony charges, including theft. 

This case serves to illustrate how seriously authorities treat accusations that a person is attempting to abuse the benefits afforded by bankruptcy. It should also demonstrate how those who seek such protection for the purposes that it was intended for genuinely need assistance in handling their debts. Those seeking such assistance may find that an attorney with knowledge of bankruptcy law is a valuable ally to have during the filing process. 

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