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Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

Helping People Get A Fresh Financial Start to Regain Financial Independence

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Do You Owe Payment For Your Medical Services?

Paying for medical services is a burden for many. If you owe medical debt, it can be eliminated by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer who can better inform you of your legal options.

Our attorneys at Lynch & Belch, P.C., combine over five decades of experience to help you through your bankruptcy case. We can identify your best options for eliminating your medical debt.

Eliminating Medical Debt After Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It is simple; 95.5 percent of all Chapter 7 cases have resulted in the elimination of all unsecured debt. Your medical bills are considered general unsecured debt, which means that they will be eliminated.

If you have used credit cards to pay medical expenses, do not worry. Credit cards are also considered unsecured debt and will be eliminated after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Using Collateral For A Loan To Repay Medical Expenses

The only instance in which your medical debt will be hard to eliminate is if it was transferred as another debt. For example, an individual may take out a home equity loan to pay off medical expenses.

In this case, the loan would not be considered medical debt, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy would not eliminate it.

If this applies to your situation, a lawyer will still be able to help you with a resolution to your case.

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