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With more than five decades of combined experience in bankruptcy law, our firm’s attorneys know how the bankruptcy system works. You can depend on our attorneys here at Lynch & Belch to provide you with the knowledge you need in order to make intelligent decisions about your financial future.

What You Should Know About Bankruptcy

Having debt is worrisome and stressful. Filing for bankruptcy can offer relief and comfort. Turn to us to help you find freedom from your debt in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Reach Out

Call us at 317-528-9549 to speak with one of our attorneys with little or no wait time.

Step 2 – Tell Us Your Financial Concerns Free of Charge

We offer our consultations free of charge either over the phone or in our office, where parking is also free and convenient.

Step 3 – Provide Us with Your Info

Simply complete our custom Questionnaire online, or on a printed form, and submit it back to us.

Step 4 – Attend Court Virtually, Or by Phone

Most bankruptcy meetings and court hearings are held virtually or over the telephone. That means you may never need to travel to the courthouse.

Chapter 7

We can help you use bankruptcy to free yourself from a wide variety of debt, including credit card debt, medical debt & more.


Chapter 13

If you are worried about losing your home or car, come see us to learn how bankruptcy may be able to help you.



Let us clear up a few things for you as you consider whether bankruptcy is an option for you.


Why Hire A
Bankruptcy Attorney

You do not want to go it alone. Find out more about why a bankruptcy attorney is more than worth it.

We Know What You Are Going Through

If you are like many of the people who come see us, you are worried. Facing a bureaucracy run by the federal government is no small thing.

For that reason, you should come see us. We will provide you with a candid assessment of how the bankruptcy laws apply to your specific circumstances. We make it our job to protect your rights during this difficult time. We already know how to avoid the pitfalls in the bankruptcy system so you do not have to learn them by trial and error on your own case.

We will also help you choose wisely from your available options. Our attorneys understand how the different bankruptcy trustees in the bankruptcy system may view particular items you own. Each trustee has their own style.

You will also appreciate our ability to work with you on a reasonable basis. We deliberately maintain reasonable fees because we want to help as many people as we can on as fair a basis as we can.


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