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Stop Creditor Harassment and Intimidation in Indianapolis

Indianapolis residents have a right to be treated with respect whenever a creditor calls or sends any written communication. If you are the victim of overzealous creditors, you need an attorney who can stop creditor harassment in its tracks. Having an advocate fight for you against your creditors is important because the constant, harassing calls can severely affect your quality of life. You may even start avoiding the phone or mailbox out of fear of what you will find.

What Rights Do You Have?

Creditors may try to threaten you, your family or others close to you. In some cases, creditors will threaten to call the police or take you to court to get their money. Although your creditors do have a right to sue you, they do not have the right to say that they will sue if no legal action is planned.

Dealing with Creditor Harassment

If you are the victim of such abuse, how can you end harassing phone calls? The first step is to record each phone call that you receive. Second, you can ask that your creditors stop collection calls immediately. If they do not stop, take your creditors to court immediately. However, make sure that you have an experienced attorney on your side who can aggressively fight for your rights. Creditors may not take you seriously, but they will stand down when they see that your attorney means business.

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Hire an Experienced Greenwood Attorney to Stop the Harassing Phone Calls

Anyone who decides to go to court to fight abuse from their creditors should hire an attorney to protect their rights. If you live in Greenwood, Franklin or the southside of Indianapolis, you can end harassing phone calls by making a phone call of your own. You can reach us at 317-888-0006 or toll-free 800-319-0064.