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The Path to Financial Recovery and Building Good Credit after Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

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For many Indianapolis residents, the ‘economic downturn’ ended in financial ruin, with tens of thousands of Indiana residents filing bankruptcy. Many of those Indianapolis bankruptcy cases are now individuals seeking to rebuild their credit. While it will be tougher to get a credit card or a car loan, there are still ways to raise your credit score and reduce your risk to lenders in the future. What are some ways to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy?

Talk to a Credit Repair Specialist

There are many services available to those who are looking to repair their credit after a bankruptcy. If you are willing to do your research, you can find a credit repair service in Greenwood that will work with you to improve your credit. Those who don't want to work with a third party can repair their credit without any help. It begins with paying your existing bills on time and work on increasing the amount of available credit you have. Start by opening a secured line of credit and making regular purchases, which are paid automatically from your primary checking account.

Credit Repair in Greenwood

There are predatory agencies in the greater Indianapolis area who make grand claims about reversing the damaging effects of bankruptcy. To be clear- anyone who claims to be able to clear your credit report is lying to you. Time is the only thing that can repair your credit report. Most items on your report will stay there for seven years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on your credit report for a decade. Those who claim to be able to get you a new credit report are most likely committing identity theft. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up, sound financial planning and responsible payment of all obligations shows potential creditors that you are on the right path! To get back on track today, call our offices in Franklin, Greenwood and Southside Indianapolis at 317-888-0006 or 800-319-0064.