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How Bankruptcy Works

Deciding to file bankruptcy is the first step in what could be a very complicated process. If you have just decided to file, you may have more questions than answers. While it is possible to navigate the filing process on your own, you should be aware of both the process itself and the long-term implications. Consulting a lawyer who has spent many years working with bankruptcy cases just like yours can be an invaluable resource.

Lawyer Paperwork

Stop the Harassment While You File

If you are making this difficult decision, you may already be fighting a difficult battle with creditors. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can stop creditor harassment and even protect your assets while you are in the process of filing. This will help you find the peace of mind you have been missing for a long time. Your attorney will help you navigate the extensive paperwork, complete the bankruptcy means test, decide what debt can be included (link to What Debt Can Be Included page) and help you determine what you can keep after bankruptcy (link to What Can I Keep After Bankruptcy? page).

Put Debt Behind You Today!

Why make another payment to a creditor at the expense of your own well-being? If you are in the position of choosing between paying an overdue medical bill or keeping the lights on and food on the table, it is time to end the needless suffering. Bankruptcy can silence your creditors and put you on a path to a fresh financial start. Call today for a free consultation with our skilled bankruptcy attorneys at 317-888-0006 today!