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Stop Wage Garnishment from Negatively Impacting Your Life in Indianapolis

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Are you an Indianapolis resident who wants to stop wage garnishment and other actions that your creditors are taking against you? While it may be disheartening to lose access to your money and property, you can fight judgments that result in wage garnishment or other liens. What are your options?

Stop Wage Garnishment by Negotiating with Your Creditors

The main goal of any legal action by your creditors is to make sure that they get their money. By garnishing your wages, they are leaving a lot of money on the table. This is because creditors can only take a limited amount out of your check each week. If you are collecting social security or disability checks, they may not be able to garnish that money. By negotiating a new payment plan, your creditors will get their money faster than they would through a garnishment.

A New Payment Plan Can Stop Liens As Well

Many times, a lien will be released in exchange for a lump sum payment to settle all or a significant portion of your debt. Therefore, it is in your best interest to talk to your creditors to make a new payment plan and begin to repair your credit. If you have a lien due to state or federal taxes that you owe, the government will work with you to settle the issue in a fair manner. Residents in Franklin, Greenwood, Terra Haute and the southside of Indianapolis can stop liens and judgments by making a simple phone call. You can call us by dialing 317-888-0006 or 800-319-0064.