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Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions From Happening to You in Indianapolis

When job loss or other circumstances out of your control cause you to fall behind on payments, you run a risk of losing the home and vehicle you worked so hard to purchase. You may be dealing with harassment from creditors and feel like you are living on borrowed time. While a creditor is legally permitted to reclaim property that is in default, this process is regulated. If you feel you may be entitled to keep your house or vehicle, an attorney can help stop foreclosure proceedings against you and help mediate attempts to repossess your property.

Its A House

A Foreclosure Lawyer Can Keep You in Your Home

The lingering effects of the recession are still hard felt across the nation, the job market remains unstable, and American families are still struggling. This has resulted in millions of Americans going underwater on their mortgage. Hiring a foreclosure attorney is a good idea if you are trying to keep your home. Your lawyer can negotiate a loan modification with your lender or delay the foreclosure case long enough to convince the lender to give you a second chance.

Prevent Vehicle Repossession

If you have been dealing with harassing phone calls, or have fallen behind on your car payment, it may be time to seek professional counsel. A lender cannot repossess your vehicle without going through the proper channels. For instance, your lender must prove that you are one or more payments behind on your car loan before your vehicle can be repossessed. If your car is taken without the proper paperwork, you may be able to get your vehicle back in court. As long as you have proof that you paid the note, there is nothing that your lender can do, regardless of what information they have.

Get the Help that You Need

You deserve to get the help that you need to stop a foreclosure or repossession from negatively impacting your life. If your home or car is taken away, your credit score can be destroyed, the results of which can be catastrophic. It is important to understand that your lender will go to any lengths necessary to get you out of your home. You significantly increase the odds of winning your case by talking to a bankruptcy attorney.

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