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Discharging Medical Bills During Bankruptcy

Having to pay back a loan you took out for a house or car can be planned ahead of time, so you are able to prepare yourself for what you will have to pay back. Medical expenses are generally unplanned, and they can strike at truly inopportune times. Getting into a bad accident or receiving a terrible diagnosis means that you may be liable to pay tens of thousands of dollars. Having to pay back all these bills can prove to be overwhelming for many people, especially if your insurance does not cover all of the costs. A bankruptcy attorney at Lynch & Belch P.C. in Indianapolis can walk you through your options to get through this time, and that can include finding a way to discharge medical bills.

Medical bills fall into the same category as payday and credit card loans. These are referred to as unsecured loans, and when you file for bankruptcy, they can be eliminated. Discharging medical bills can be accomplished by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will get rid of any outstanding debt you currently have. Not everyone will qualify for Chapter 7, but if you file for Chapter 13, then all of your medical expenses will be lumped together with any other unsecured loans, and a manageable payment plan will be worked out. There is debt limits associated with Chapter 13, but our lawyers will review your case to see what type is best for your circumstances.

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