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Know the Facts About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Hire the Right Indianapolis Lawyer

There are two types of personal bankruptcy, it’s important to become acquainted with the benefits and drawbacks of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 before proceeding to file. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy stipulates that you must pay some portion of your debt over time within the parameters of a managed payment plan, whereas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a full discharge of all qualified debt. To the individual dealing with the possibility of repossession, foreclosure or harassing phone calls from creditors, it may seem that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most comprehensive solution, but not everyone will qualify, and the repercussions are much harder felt. Our skilled attorneys look at your complete financial picture and help you to make the responsible choice.​

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What to Do When You Need to File Right Away

Have you found yourself under a mountain of debt, your peace of mind destroyed by constant harassing phone calls from creditors? The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Lynch & Belch, P.C. will act immediately on your behalf to stop creditor harassment while beginning your bankruptcy proceedings. It is important to know which creditors you must continue to make payments to and which payments can be put on hold until your case is settled. You may be relieved of some payments in a matter of weeks.

Get the Experienced Legal Help You Need to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In bankruptcy cases, where both federal and state laws affect which assets you are able to retain, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer makes all the difference. In some cases, you may be able to hold onto your home while proceedings are underway – even if you are no longer able to make payments. Why live in a state of fear and panic for one moment longer? Schedule a free consultation at our office serving Greenwood, Franklin and the Southside of Indianapolis at 317-888-0006 or toll free at 800-319-0064.