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An Overview of Bankruptcy

The financial turmoil of the past decade has left many Americans in dire straits. With unrelenting collection agencies, record foreclosures and the average American carrying a startling amount of unsecured debt, it's no surprise that so many among us have been forced to consider bankruptcy. If you are one of the countless people losing sleep, compromising peace of mind and jeopardizing your family to make ends meet, it may be time for you to consider bankruptcy as a viable option.

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When the Unexpected Happens to You

With the last five years posting record job loss not seen since the depression and the average American family living with less than one month’s salary in savings, it isn't hard to see how an individual or family can go from prosperity to poverty in no time. While it is not the ideal solution, there comes a moment when the unavoidable reality of your financial situation sets in, and you realize that for whatever reason, you cannot get ahead of your debt.

Where to Look for Help

There are two types of bankruptcies available for individuals and families: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. To find out which kind of bankruptcy will best help you find financial peace while minimizing damage to your credit standing, it is advisable to seek the council of a skilled attorney experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy law. The attorneys at Lynch & Belch can guide you through the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy taking into careful consideration your specific needs. Call 317-888-0006 for a free consultation today!